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  • Bhat, V.; Raina, Soom Nath; Sehgal, Deepmala (Taylor & Francis, 2008-05-13)
    Handbook of New Technologies for Genetic Improvement of Legumes is the single source for not only the most up-to-date accounts of genetic manipulation employed today, but also ideas for realistic and practical uses.
  • Raina, S. N.; Jain, S.; Sehgal, D.; Kumar, A.; Dar, T. H.; Bhat, V.; Pandey, V.; Vaishnavi, S.; Bhargav, A.; Singh, V.; Rani, V.; Tandon, R.; Tewari, M.; Mahmoudi, A. (2011-08-27)
    Seabuckthorn, a non-leguminous nodule bearing dioecious shrub, is a storehouse of neutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic usage. The 348 genotypes of Hippophae rhamnoides ssp. turkestanica, H. salicifolia and H. tibetana ...
  • Hayward, Mike Denis; Quarin, C. L.; Bhat, V.; Pessino, S. C.; Ortiz, J. P. A. (2001)
    Paspalum notatum Flugge is a subtropical grass native to South America. The most common form in the USA is P. notatum var. saurae Parodi (Pensacola bahiagrass), which is a valuable forage. Pensacola bahiagrass is a sexual ...
  • Raina, Soom Nath; Ahuja, P. S.; Sharma, Ricky A.; Das, S. C.; Bhardwaj, P.; Negi, R.; Sharma, V.; Singh, S. S.; Sud, R. K.; Kalia, R. K.; Pandey, V.; Banik, J.; Razdan, V.; Sehgal, D.; Dar, Tanvir H.; Kumar, A.; Bali, S.; Bhat, V.; Sharma, S.; Prasanna, B. M.; Goel, S.; Negi, M. S.; Vijayan, P.; Tripathi, S. B.; Bera, B.; Hazarika, M.; Mandal, A. K. A.; Kumar, R. R.; Vijayan, D.; Ramkumar, S.; Chowdhury, B. R.; Mandi, S. S. (2011-12-23)
    The most important evolutionary event in the success of commercial tea cultivation outside China in ca. 30 countries came about by the origin of India hybrid tea in India, derived from the extensive spontaneous hybridization ...
  • Dalton, Susan; Bettany, Andy J. E.; Bhat, V.; Gupta, M. G.; Bailey, K.; Timms-Taravella, Emma; Morris, Phillip (2003-06)
    Eleven Dichanthium annulatum (Forssk) plants were regenerated from embryogenic callus co-transformed with two plasmids encoding either the hygromycin phosphotransferase gene ( hph) or the ß-glucuronidase(GUS) gene ( uidA). ...

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