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  • Soussana, J. F.; Allard, V.; Pilegaard, K.; Ambus, P.; Amman, C.; Campbell, C. L.; Ceschia, E.; Clifton-Brown, John C.; Czobel, S.; Domingues, R.; Ammann, Christof; Flechard, C.; Fuhrer, J.; Hensen, A.; Horvath, L.; Jones, M.; Kasper, G.; Martin, C.; Nagy, Z.; Neftel, A; Raschi, A.; Baronti, S.; Rees, R. M.; Skiba, U.; Stefani, P.; Manca, G.; Sutton, M.; Tuba, Z.; Valentini, R. (2007-06)
    The full greenhouse gas balance of nine contrasted grassland sites covering a major climatic gradient over Europe was measured during two complete years. The sites include a wide range of management regimes (rotational ...
  • Gilmanov, T. G.; Soussana, J. F.; Aires, L.; Allard, V.; Ammann, Christof; Balzarolo, M.; Barcza, Z.; Bernhofer, C.; Campbell, C. L.; Cernusca, A.; Cescatti, A.; Clifton-Brown, John C.; Dirks, B. O. M.; Dore, S.; Eugster, W.; Fuhrer, Jurg; Gimeno, C.; Gruenwald, T.; Haszpra, L.; Hensen, A.; Ibrom, A.; Jacobs, A. F. G.; Jones, M. B.; Lanigan, G.; Laurila, T.; Lohila, A.; Manca, G.; Marcolla, B.; Nagy, Z.; Pilegaard, K.; Pinter, K.; Pio, C.; Raschi, A.; Rogiers, N.; Sanz, M. J.; Stefani, P.; Sutton, M.; Tuba, Z.; Valentini, R.; Williams, M. L.; Wohlfahrt, G. (2007-06)
    Tower CO2 flux measurements from 20 European grasslands in the EUROGRASSFLUX data set covering a wide range of environmental and management conditions were analyzed with respect to their ecophysiological characteristics ...

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