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  • Kelly, Steven Lewis; Lamb, David Christopher; Marczylo, Timothy H.; Jackson, Colin J.; Kelly, Diane Elizabeth; Cannieux, Michel; Ugochukwu, C.; Greetham, Darren (2001)
    Cytochrome P450 51 (CYP51) is sterol 14a-demethylase, known also as Erg11p in yeast. First studied in yeast, where it is one of three CYPs in the genome, it has subsequently gained attention as the only CYP found so far ...
  • Lamb, David Christopher; Kelly, Diane Elizabeth; Bak, Soren; Warrilow, Andrew G. S.; Kelly, Steven Lewis; Cannieux, Michel; Kahn, Rachel A.; Manning, Nigel J. (2001-06-15)
    Azole fungicides were thought to have much greater affinity for the fungal cytochrome P450 enzyme, sterol 14α-demthylase (CYP51) than the plant orthologue. Using purified CYP51 from the plant Sorghum bicolor L Moenech, a ...

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