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  • Hondo, Tetsuya; Someya, Shunsuke; Nagasawa, Yuya; Terada, Shunsuke; Watanabe, Hitoshi; Chen, Xiangning; Watanabe, Kouichi; Ohwada, Shyuichi; Kitazawa, Haruki; Rose, Michael; Nochi, Tomonori; Aso, Hisashi (2016-06-01)
    Microfold (M) cells in the follicle-associated epithelium (FAE) of Peyer’s patches contribute to the mucosal immune response by the transcytosis of microorganisms. The mechanism by which M cells take up microorganisms, and ...
  • Watanabe, Hitoshi; Saito, Ryo; Nakano, Tatsuya; Takahashi, Hideyuki; Takahashi, Yu; Sumiyoshi, Keisuke; Sato, Katsuyoshi; Chen, Xiangning; Okada, Natsumi; Iwasaki, Shunsuke; Harjanti, Dian W.; Sekiguchi, Natsumi; Sano, Hiroaki; Kitazawa, Haruki; Rose, Michael T.; Ohwada, Shyuichi; Watanabe, Kouichi; Aso, Hisashi (2014-02-04)
    In mice, peripheral 5-HT induces an increase in the plasma concentrations of glucose, insulin and bile acids, and a decrease in plasma triglyceride, NEFA and cholesterol concentrations. However, given the unique characteristics ...
  • Watanabe, Hitoshi; Chen, Xiangning; Shoji, Noriaki; Saito, Ryo; Nakano, Tatsuya; Saito, Kazuki; Sumiyoshi, Keisuke; Rose, Michael; Okada, Natumi; Watanabe, Kouichi; Aso, Hisashi (2015-07)
    It is desirable to produce beef with high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), as this is related to fat softness and palatability. However, the physiology of MUFA synthesis in bovine fat during the fattening ...

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