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  • Kim, Do-Soon; Huang, Lin S.; Flavell, Richard; Renvoize, Steve A.; Greef, Joerg M.; Hsu, Tsai Wen; Hastings, Astley; Clifton-Brown, John C.; Chiang, Yu-Chung; Ibaragi, Yasushi (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2011-06-09)
  • Clifton-Brown, John C.; Chiang, Yu-Chung; Hodkinson, Trevor R. (Springer Nature, 2008)
    Bioenergy is attracting increasing attention in science, industry, politics and the media as a means to address energy security, global climate change and economic sustainability. Biofuels – ethanol and biodiesel – currently ...
  • Clifton-Brown, John; Hastings, Astley; Mos, Michal; McCalmont, Jon; Ashman, Chris; Awty-Carroll, Danny; Cerazy, Joanna; Chiang, Yu-Chung; Cosentino, Salvatore; Cracroft-Eley, William; Scurlock, Jonathan; Donnison, Iain; Glover, Chris; Golab, Izabela; Greef, Jorg; Gwyn, Jeff; Harding, Graham; Hayes, Charlotte; Helios, Waldemar; Hsu, Tsai Wen; Huang, Lin; Jezownski, Stanislaw; Kim, Do-Soon; Kiesel, Andreas; Kotecki, Andrzej; Krzyzak, Jacek; Lewandowski, Iris; Lim, Soo Hyun; Liu, Jianxiu; Loosely, Marc; Meyer, Heike; Murphy-Bokern, Donal; Nelson, Walter; Pogrzeba, Marta; Robinson, George; Robson, Paul; Rogers, Charlie; Scalici, Giovanni; Schuele, Heinrich; Shafiei, Reza; Shevchuk, Oksana; Schwarz, Kai-Uwe; Squance, Michael; Swaller, Timothy; Thornton, Judith; Truckses, Thomas; Botnari, Vasile; Vizir, Igor; Wagner, Moritz; Warren, Robin; Webster, Richard; Yamada, Toshihiko; Youell, Susan; Xi, Qingguo; Zong, Junqin; Flavell, Richard (2017-01-01)
    Field trials in Europe with Miscanthus over the past 25 years have demonstrated that interspecies hybrids such as M. × giganteus (M × g) combine both high yield potentials and low inputs in a wide range of soils and climates. ...

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