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  • Raina, Soom Nath; Ahuja, P. S.; Sharma, Ricky A.; Das, S. C.; Bhardwaj, P.; Negi, R.; Sharma, V.; Singh, S. S.; Sud, R. K.; Kalia, R. K.; Pandey, V.; Banik, J.; Razdan, V.; Sehgal, D.; Dar, Tanvir H.; Kumar, A.; Bali, S.; Bhat, V.; Sharma, S.; Prasanna, B. M.; Goel, S.; Negi, M. S.; Vijayan, P.; Tripathi, S. B.; Bera, B.; Hazarika, M.; Mandal, A. K. A.; Kumar, R. R.; Vijayan, D.; Ramkumar, S.; Chowdhury, B. R.; Mandi, S. S. (2011-12-23)
    The most important evolutionary event in the success of commercial tea cultivation outside China in ca. 30 countries came about by the origin of India hybrid tea in India, derived from the extensive spontaneous hybridization ...
  • Dar, Tanvir H.; Sehgal, Deepmala; Koul, Sushma; Mir, Bilal A.; Kaul, Maharaj K.; Raina, Soom Nath; Qazi, Ghulam N.; Kumar, Arun (2010)
    Realizing the inconsistencies that exist in the extent and nature of differentiation in the Withania somnifera genetic resources in India, the 21 cultivated and wild accessions, and the two hybrids (cultivated 9 wild ...

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