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  • Dunwell, Jim M.; Wilkinson, Michael James; Nelson, Stephen; Wening, Sri; Sitorus, Andrew C.; Mienanti, Devi; Alfiko, Yuzer; Croxford, Adam E.; Ford, Caroline S.; Forster, Brian P.; Caligari, Peter D. S. (2010-10-07)
    Background Oil palm is the world's most productive oil-food crop despite yielding well below its theoretical maximum. This maximum could be approached with the introduction of elite F1 varieties. The development of such ...
  • Amoah, S.; Wilkinson, Michael J.; King, G.; Dunwell, Jim M. (2008-07-01)
    The ability of plants to adapt their form in response to changing environment is known as phenotypic plasticity. Phenotype plasticity in plants is well documented (e.g. Special Issue, Journal of Experimental Botany, Vol. ...

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