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  • Clifton-Brown, John C.; Lewandowski, Iris; Bangerth, F.; Jones, M. B. (2002-05)
    Although hybrids of the perennial rhizomatous grass Miscanthus give high yields under irrigation, their use as a biomass crop in many locations is limited by inadequate water availability. Here, the effects of reduced water ...
  • Clifton-Brown, John C.; Lewandowski, Iris; Andersson, Bengt; Basch, Gottlieb; Christian, Dudley G.; Kjeldsen, Jens Bonderup; Jørgensen, Uffe; Mortensen, Jørgen V.; Riche, Andrew B.; Schwarz, Kai-Uwe; Tayebi, Koeyumars; Teixeira, Fernando (2001-09)
    Miscanthus is a genus of high-yielding perennial rhizomatous grasses with C4 photosynthesis. Extensive field trials of Miscanthus spp. biomass production in Europe during the past decade have shown several limitations of ...
  • Clifton-Brown, John Cedric; Purdy, Sarah Jane; Hayes, Charlotte Mary; Ashman, Christopher Ross; Jones, Laurence Edmund; Farrar, Kerrie; Huang, Lin Shiow-Fen; Gallagher, Joseph Anthony; Glover, Christopher Martin; Hinton Jones, Maurice Edward; Jensen, Elaine Fiona; Loosley, Richard Marc; Maddison, Anne Louise; McCalmont, Jon Paul; Nunn, Christopher; Robson, Paul Russell; Slavov, Gancho Trifonu; Warren, Robin David; Webster, Richard John; Youell, Susan Jean; Donnison, Iain Simon; Davey, Christopher Lyndon; Jones, Charlotte Melanie; Barraclough, Tim; Castle, M; Cunniff, Jennifer; Cracroft-Eley, William; Greef, Joerg M.; Hastings, Astley; Harding, Graham; Lewandowski, Iris; Meyer, Heike; Mos, Michal; Nelson, Walter; Richter, Goetz; Rodgers, Charlie; Schwarze, Kai-Uwe; Squance, Michael Graham; Swaller, Timothy; Shield, Ian; Xi, Q.; Karp, Angela; Flavell, Richard (2014)
    Miscanthus is a rhizomatous C4 grass that has the potential to produce high biomass yields over a wide geographical area with low agricultural inputs on land less suitable for food production. Miscanthus x giganteus is a ...

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