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  • Thomas, Howard; Moore, Beverley J.; Canter, Peter H.; Donnison, Iain S.; Thomas, Ann M.; Sullivan, Donal M. O.; Edwards, Keith J.; Armstead, Ian P.; King, Ian P. (2005-02-12)
    Introgression in Festulolium is a potentially powerful tool to isolate genes for a large number of traits which differ between Festuca pratensis Huds. and Lolium perenne L. Not only are hybrids between the two species ...
  • Taylor, Janet; Moore, Beverley J.; Rowland, Jeremy John; Thomas, Howard; Ougham, Helen J. (Wageningen Academic Publishers, 2005)
  • King, Ian P.; King, Julie; Armstead, Ian P.; Harper, John A.; Roberts, Luned A.; Thomas, Howard; Ougham, Helen J.; Jones, R. Neil; Thomas, Ann M.; Moore, Beverley J. (2005)
    Lolium perenne/Festuca pratensis hybrids and their derivatives provide an ideal system for intergeneric introgression. The work described in this paper enables the elucidation of gene organization along Lolium/Festuca ...
  • Thomas, Ann M.; Thomas, Howard; Armstead, Ian P.; King, Ian P.; Harper, John A.; Moore, Beverley J.; Huang, Lin S.; Fentem, Tony; Ougham, Helen J.; Jones, R. Neil; Jones, T. H.; Roberts, Luned A.; King, Julie; Donnison, Iain S. (2005-05-01)
    Intergeneric hybrids between Lolium multiflorum and Festuca pratensis (Lm/Fp) and their derivatives exhibit a unique combination of genetic and cytogenetic characteristics: chromosomes undergo a high frequency of homoeologous ...

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