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  • Jones, R. Neil; Pasakinskiene, Izolda S. (2005)
    GISH has been a particularly useful technique for studying the Lolium-Festuca species complex of forage grasses. The reason for this utility is two-fold: (i) the complex is unique amongst crop plants in which fertile ...
  • Jones, R. Neil; Pasakinskiene, Izolda S. (2005-02-01)
    The genomes of grasses and cereals include a diverse and large collection of selfish genetic elements, many of which are fossil relics of ancient origin. Some of these elements are active and, because of their selfish ...
  • Jones, R. Neil; Ougham, Helen J.; Thomas, Howard; Pasakinskiene, Izolda S. (2009-09)
    This paper is an update of our earlier review (Jones et al., 1997, Markers and mapping: we are all geneticists now. New Phytologist 137: 165–177), which dealt with the genetics of mapping, in terms of recombination as the ...

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