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  • Porter, Joanne S.; Sharp, Jasmine H.; Winson, Michael K. (2007)
    Historically, the study of natural products has focused on the biosynthetic pathways of terrestrial plants and micro-organisms, particularly the Actinomycetes. Terrestrial habitats have been screened extensively in order ...
  • Porter, Joanne S.; Lock, K.; Winson, Michael K.; Bullimore, B.; Burton, M.; Wade, Stephen; Gibbs, R.; Newman, P.; Sharp, Jasmine H. (2008-08-01)
    Marine fouling is a commercially important problem affecting abiotic and biotic surfaces. In this study we investigated the surface fouling on a colonial reef-building invertebrate, the bryozoan Pentapora fascialis, from ...
  • Sharp, Jasmine H.; Wilcockson, David C.; Webster, Simon G. (2010-10)
    Ecdysis in arthropods is a complex process, regulated by many neurohormones, which must be released in a precisely coordinated manner. In insects, the ultimate hormone involved in this process is the cuticle tanning hormone, ...

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