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  • Hellsten, S.; Dragosits, U.; Place, C. J.; Vieno, M.; Dore, A. J.; Misselbrook, T. H.; Tang, Y. S.; Sutton, M. A. (2008)
    Ammonia emissions (NH3) are characterised by a high spatial variability at a local scale. When modelling the spatial distribution of NH3 emissions, it is important to provide robust emission estimates, since the model ...
  • ApSimon, H.; Sutton, M. A.; Phillips, V. R.; Misselbrook, Tom H.; Anthony, S. G.; Webb, J. (Univerzita veterinárneho lekárstva v Košiciach, 2002)
    RAMIRAN is part of the ESCORENA network - the European System of Cooperative Research Networks in Agriculture. ESCORENA was established by the FAO Regional Office for Europe (REU) in 1974. It is a form of voluntary research ...

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