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  • Robbins, Mark P.; Morris, Phillip; Bailey, P.; Martin, Cecile; Bryant, David N.; Wang, Trevor (2005)
    Grassland covers 26% of the world's total land area. It produces feed for livestock; maintains soil fertility; protects and conserves soil and water resources; creates a habitat for wildlife; provides recreational space ...
  • Webb, K. Judith; Robbins, Mark P.; Wang, Trevor; Marquez, A. J.; Meignez, A.; Parniske, M. (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2005)
    Lotus Japonicus, A General Introduction: Lotus japonicus as a model system.- Lotus-related species and their agronomic importance.-Drought and saline stress.-Symbiotic Processes: Methods for studying nodule development and ...
  • Jenkins, Helen Ann; Hardy, Nigel William; Beckmann, Manfred; Draper, John; Smith, Aileen Roberta; Taylor, Janet; Fiehn, Oliver; Goodacre, Royston; Bino, Raoul J.; Hall, Robert D.; Kopka, Joachim; Lane, Geoffrey A; Lange, Markus; Liu, Jang R; Mendes, Pedro; Nikolau, Basil J; Oliver, Stephen G.; Paton, Norman W.; Rhee, Sue; Roessner-Tunali, Ute; Saito, Kazuki; Smedsgaard, Jørn; Sumner, Lloyd W.; Wang, Trevor; Walsh, Sean; Wurtele, Eve Syrkin; Kell, Douglas B. (2004-12-06)
    The study of the metabolite complement of biological samples, known as metabolomics, is creating large amounts of data, and support for handling these data sets is required to facilitate meaningful analyses that will answer ...

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