The Novels of J. B. Priestly


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dc.contributor.advisor Johnston, A. Smith, Kenneth Edward 2010-11-16T09:43:57Z 2010-11-16T09:43:57Z 1974
dc.identifier.citation Smith, K. E. (1974) 'The Novels of J. B. Priestly', PhD Thesis. Department of English and Creative Writing, Aberystwyth University. en
dc.description.abstract This study provides a comprehensive critical account of J. B. Priestley's novels, and attempts a new classification of them according to their fictional modes and overall aims. Part One is intended to supply a general framework for the close studies which follow. It first argues the continued survival and validity of realism in English fiction and the place of Priestley in this continuing tradition. His own critical evaluation of this tradition is then discussed in more detail. The introductory section closes with an attempt to show the place of his fiction in his writing life and to trace its interaction with the other. literary forms he has practised. In Parts Two to Four of the study the novels are analysed in detail and related to particular modes of fiction. Parts Two and Three examine six novels which, by their originality of conception, broad scope and consistent execution seem to stand apart from the typology of Priestley's lesser fiction suggested in Part Four. This section divides the novels into three groups; social problem novels of the years 1933-45; psychological thrillers; and the fables and fantasies. The Conclusion summarises the claims that have been made for Priestley as a novelist, concentrating on two key aspects: the consistency and significance of his leading themes and the relation of his merits as a novelist to a deeper understanding of certain social groups. Finally, the comparisons already made between Priestley and other novelists are brought together and their implications for our final valuation of his fiction discussed. The appendices deal respectively with Priestley's two unfinished novels, and with his changing reputation as a novelist as it has been reflected in the contemporary reviews. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.publisher Aberystwyth University en
dc.title The Novels of J. B. Priestly en
dc.type Text en
dc.type.publicationtype doctoral thesis en

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