Show simple item record DiMenna, Fred J. Wilkerson, Daryl P. Burnley, Mark Bailey, Stephen J. Jones, Andrew M. 2010-11-17T11:34:50Z 2010-11-17T11:34:50Z 2010-02-01
dc.identifier.citation DiMenna , F J , Wilkerson , D P , Burnley , M , Bailey , S J & Jones , A M 2010 , ' Priming exercise speeds pulmonary O2 uptake kinetics during supine "work-to-work" high-intensity cycle exercise ' Journal of Applied Physiology , vol 108 , no. 2 , pp. 283-292 . DOI: 10.1152/japplphysiol.01047.2009 en
dc.identifier.issn 1522-1601
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dc.description By combining three interventions known to influence the response (priming, supine exercise and work-work transitions), this paper demonstrated that a supine posture amplified the effect of transitions from an elevated baseline (the kinetics were slowed) and that priming in the supine position resulted in the kinetics returning to values associated with the same transition in the upright posture. These data provide evidence that priming can eliminate O2 delivery-induced slowing of the kinetics of supine exercise, but that transitions from a moderate-intensity baseline remain relatively slow despite priming. en
dc.description.abstract We manipulated the baseline metabolic rate and body position to explore the effect of the interaction between recruitment of discrete sections of the muscle fiber pool and muscle O2 delivery on pulmonary O2 uptake (O2) kinetics during cycle exercise. We hypothesized that phase II O2 kinetics (p) in the transition from moderate- to severe-intensity exercise would be significantly slower in the supine than upright position because of a compromise to muscle perfusion and that a priming bout of severe-intensity exercise would return p during supine exercise to p during upright exercise. Eight male subjects [35 ± 13 (SD) yr] completed a series of 'step' transitions to severe-intensity cycle exercise from an 'unloaded' (20-W) baseline and a baseline of moderate-intensity exercise in the supine and upright body positions. p was not significantly different between supine and upright exercise during transitions from a 20-W baseline to moderate- or severe-intensity exercise but was significantly greater during moderate- to severe-intensity exercise in the supine position (54 ± 19 vs. 38 ± 10 s, P <0.05). Priming significantly reduced p during moderate- to severe-intensity supine exercise (34 ± 9 s), returning it to a value that was not significantly different from p in the upright position. This effect occurred in the absence of changes in estimated muscle fractional O2 extraction (from the near-infrared spectroscopy-derived deoxygenated Hb concentration signal), such that the priming-induced facilitation of muscle blood flow matched increased O2 utilization in the recruited fibers, resulting in a speeding of O2 kinetics. These findings suggest that, during supine cycling, priming speeds O2 kinetics by providing an increased driving pressure for O2 diffusion in the higher-order (i.e., type II) fibers, which would be recruited in the transition from moderate- to severe-intensity exercise and are known to be especially sensitive to limitations in O2 supply. en
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dc.subject oxygen uptake kinetics en
dc.subject phase II time constant en
dc.subject supine exercise en
dc.subject work-to-work transition en
dc.subject priming exercise en
dc.title Priming exercise speeds pulmonary O2 uptake kinetics during supine "work-to-work" high-intensity cycle exercise en
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dc.contributor.institution Department of Sport & Exercise Science en
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