The DSpace Course


The DSpace Course


Welcome to the DSpace Course!

This collection contains a modular DSpace course ready to be taught. Each module consists of a set of slides for a presenter to deliver, and a workbook for the students. There is a mix of modules, some for repository managers, some for technical staff, and some suitable for everyone.

There is a companion Live CD ( which can be used by students taking the course. The Live CD allows DSpace to be run and used without having to install it on a server. The Live CD also allows you to practice installing and configuring DSpace.

The course materials are licenced by a Creative Commons 'by-attribution sharealike' licence. You are free (and encouraged to) use, distribute and modify the materials.

This course was created by the Repositories Support Project ( and was funded by JISC (

The modules:

Please direct all correspondence to the authors ( /

Recent Submissions

  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-22)
    This module gives an overview of the type of customization that can be performed on a DSpace repository user interface. The module will look at the two interfaces that DSpace 1.5 supports, the XMLUI and the JSPUI detailing ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-21)
    This module initially looks at the submission process in further detail, specifically input-forms.xml. It details what the input-forms.xml file is and how it can be used to customize the DSpace submission process. The ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-21)
    Communities and Collections are used within DSpace to provide the repository with an easily navigable structure often representing an institutions organizational makeup. This module will begin by describing what both a ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-21)
    This module will introduce the concept of RSS feeds and their support in DSpace, the subscription alerting mechanism which allows users to be emailed when new content is added to particular collections, and the news items ...
  • Lewis, Stuart; Yates, Chris (2008-08-21)
    This module provides a basic technical overview of the DSpace software. The module will describe the three tiered application architecture of DSpace and look at how this relates to the server architecture of DSpace. The ...

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