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Software Engineering


<h2>Software Engineering Group</h2> <p> The Software Engineering Group apply computing solutions constructed using good professional practice to problems of: <ul> <li>security</li> <li>distribution</li> <li>education</li> </p>

Recent Submissions

  • Eckerdal, Anna; Sanders, Kate; Boustedt, Jonas; Thomas, Lynda; McCartney, Robert (2011-11-23)
    Research has shown that most learning in the workplace takes place outside of formal training and, given the swiftly changing nature of the field, computer science graduates more than most workers, need to be able to learn ...
  • Eckerdal, Anna; Zander, Carol; Thomas, Lynda (2011-07-15)
    Transformational biographies are used to shed light on situations when students have experienced 'surprise.' These biographies are examined in light of a philosophical position that surprise is useful in engendering learning, ...
  • Thomas, Lynda; Mostrom, Jan Erik; Sanders, Kate; Zander, Carol; Eckerdal, Anna; McCartney, Robert (2011-07-15)
    In this paper we present background and early results from an investigation of how computing students learn computer science topics through informal means, that is, outside of organized classes. We provide some overall ...
  • Börstler, Jurgen; Hall, Mark; Nordström, Marie; Paterson, James; Sanders, Kate; Schulte, Carsten; Thomas, Lynda (2009-12-01)
    Research shows that examples play an important role for cognitive skill acquisition. Students as well as teachers rank examples as important resources for learning to program. Therefore examples must be consistent with the ...
  • Zander, Carol; Thomas, Lynda; McCartney, Robert; Eckerdal, Anna; Mostrom, Jan Erik; Boustedt, Jonas; Sanders, Kate (Sense Publishers, 2010)

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