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  • Thomas, Lynda; McCartney, Robert; Mostrom, Jan Eric; Boustedt, Jonas; Eckerdal, Anna; Zander, Carol; Sanders, Kate (2009-07)
    We examine the transformations experienced by students during their study of computing. These transformations led to changes in the students' perceptions of computer science, in their sense of identity as computer scientists, ...
  • Boustedt, Jonas; Zander, Carol; Mostrom, Jan Eric; McCartney, Robert; Sanders, Kate; Thomas, Lynda; Eckerdal, Anna (2008-09-07)
    This paper examines transformational learning experiences of computing students as a way to better understand threshold concepts in computing. From empirical evidence we found that students often describe transformative ...
  • McCartney, Robert; Boustedt, Jonas; Eckerdal, Anna; Moström, Jan Erik; Sanders, Kate; Thomas, Lynda; Zander, Carol (2009)
    'Threshold concepts' are concepts that, among other things, transform the way a student looks at a discipline. Although the term 'threshold' might suggest that the transformation occurs at a specific point in time, an 'aha' ...
  • Eckerdal, Anna; Sanders, Kate; Boustedt, Jonas; Thomas, Lynda; McCartney, Robert (2011-11-23)
    Research has shown that most learning in the workplace takes place outside of formal training and, given the swiftly changing nature of the field, computer science graduates more than most workers, need to be able to learn ...
  • Thomas, Lynda; Zander, Carol; Boustedt, Jonas; Mostrom, Jan Eric; Sanders, Kate; McCartney, Robert (2009-08)
    We examine the changes in the ways computing students view their field as they learn, as reported by the students themselves in short written biographies. In many ways, these changes result in students thinking and acting ...
  • Moström, J.; Thomas, Lynda; McCartney, R.; Boustedt, Jonas; Sanders, K.; Eckerdal, Anna (2008-03-15)
    In this paper, we present the results of an experiment in which we sought to elicit students' understanding of object-oriented (OO) concepts using concept maps. Our analysis confirmed earlier research indicating that ...
  • Zander, Carol; Thomas, Lynda; McCartney, Robert; Eckerdal, Anna; Mostrom, Jan Erik; Boustedt, Jonas; Sanders, Kate (Sense Publishers, 2010)

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