Show simple item record Sterk, Peter Leebens-Mack, Jim Brinkman, Ryan R. Lord, Phillip Kane, Matthew Quackenbush, John McNally, Ruth Scheuermann, Richard H. Le Novère, Nicolas Mallon, Ann-Marie Smith, Barry Rocca-Serra, Philippe Field, Dawn Deutsch, Eric W. Kinsinger, Christopher Vandesompele, Jo Lewis, Suzanna E. Stoeckert, Christian J. Jr Brazma, Alvis Untergasser, Andreas Reecy, James M. Rodriguez, Henry Morrison, Norman Ball, Catherine A. Ghazal, Peter Rosenfelder, Heiko Clark, Adam Michael Gray, Tanya Fiehn, Oliver Mehrle, Alexander Kuiper, Martin Apweiler, Rolf Kettner, Carsten Masuya, Hiroshi Snape, Jason Ashburner, Michael Bogue, Molly Hermjakob, Henning Julian, Randall K. Jr Sansone, Susanna-Assunta Aerts, Jan Grimes, Graeme Hardy, Nigel Marthandan, Nishanth Wiemann, Stefan Binz, Pierre-Alain Gibson, Frank Kolker, Eugene Orchard, Sandra Schober, Daniel Booth, Tim Taylor, Chris F. Fostel, Jennifer Tipton, Keith Robertson, Donald G. Santoyo-Lopez, Javier Hancock, John M. 2012-04-23T13:04:10Z 2012-04-23T13:04:10Z 2012-04-23
dc.identifier.citation Sterk , P , Leebens-Mack , J , Brinkman , R R , Lord , P , Kane , M , Quackenbush , J , McNally , R , Scheuermann , R H , Le Novère , N , Mallon , A-M , Smith , B , Rocca-Serra , P , Field , D , Deutsch , E W , Kinsinger , C , Vandesompele , J , Lewis , S E , Stoeckert , C J J , Brazma , A , Untergasser , A , Reecy , J M , Rodriguez , H , Morrison , N , Ball , C A , Ghazal , P , Rosenfelder , H , Clark , A M , Gray , T , Fiehn , O , Mehrle , A , Kuiper , M , Apweiler , R , Kettner , C , Masuya , H , Snape , J , Ashburner , M , Bogue , M , Hermjakob , H , Julian , R K J , Sansone , S-A , Aerts , J , Grimes , G , Hardy , N , Marthandan , N , Wiemann , S , Binz , P-A , Gibson , F , Kolker , E , Orchard , S , Schober , D , Booth , T , Taylor , C F , Fostel , J , Tipton , K , Robertson , D G , Santoyo-Lopez , J & Hancock , J M 2012 , ' Promoting coherent minimum reporting guidelines for biological and biomedical investigations: the MIBBI project ' Nature Biotechnology 26(8) , pp. 889-896 . en
dc.identifier.other PURE: 184841
dc.identifier.other dspace: 2160/7818
dc.description Chris F Taylor, Dawn Field, Susanna-Assunta Sansone, Jan Aerts, Rolf Apweiler, Michael Ashburner, Pierre-Alain Binz, Molly Bogue, Tim Booth, Alvis Brazma, Ryan R Brinkman, Catherine A Ball, Eric W Deutsch, Oliver Fiehn, Jennifer Fostel, Peter Ghazal, Frank Gibson, Adam Michael Clark, Graeme Grimes, John M Hancock, Nigel W Hardy, Henning Hermjakob, Randall K Julian Jr, Tanya Gray, Carsten Kettner, Christopher Kinsinger, Eugene Kolker, Martin Kuiper, Matthew Kane, Jim Leebens-Mack, Suzanna E Lewis, Phillip Lord, Ann-Marie Mallon, Nicolas Le Novère, Hiroshi Masuya, Ruth McNally, Alexander Mehrle, Norman Morrison, Nishanth Marthandan, John Quackenbush, James M Reecy, Donald G Robertson, Philippe Rocca-Serra, Sandra Orchard, Heiko Rosenfelder, Javier Santoyo-Lopez, Richard H Scheuermann, Daniel Schober, Henry Rodriguez, Jason Snape, Christian J Stoeckert Jr, Keith Tipton, Peter Sterk, Andreas Untergasser, Barry Smith,Jo Vandesompele, Stefan Wiemann. (2008). Promoting coherent minimum reporting guidelines for biological and biomedical investigations: the MIBBI project. Nature Biotechnology 26(8), 889-896. en
dc.description.abstract The Minimum Information for Biological and Biomedical Investigations (MIBBI) project provides a resource for those exploring the range of extant minimum information checklists and fosters coordinated development of such checklists. en
dc.format.extent 8 en
dc.language.iso eng
dc.relation.ispartof Nature Biotechnology 26(8) en
dc.title Promoting coherent minimum reporting guidelines for biological and biomedical investigations: the MIBBI project en
dc.type Text en
dc.type.publicationtype Article (Journal) en
dc.contributor.institution Department of Computer Science en
dc.description.status Peer reviewed en

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