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  • McInnes, Colin (Prifysgol Aberystwyth, 1997-06)
  • McInnes, Colin (2009-02-01)
    The argument that there is a link between conflict and the spread of HIV has become commonplace in both the academic and policy world. This article examines five key reasons offered for this link: the high HIV prevalence ...
  • McInnes, Colin (2003-04)
    The terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 and the US response have been widely described as heralding a new kind of war. For over a decade previous to 11 September, however, a body of literature had developed arguing that ...
  • McInnes, Colin; Scott, Len; Kennedy-Pipe, Caroline (Fabian Society, 1991)
  • McInnes, Colin; Kamradt-Scott, Adam; Lee, Kelly; Reubi, David; Roemer-Mahler, Anne; Rushton, Simon; Williams, Owain David; Woodling, Marie (2012-12)
    With the emergence of global health comes governance challenges which are equally global in nature. This article identifies some of the initial limitations in analyses of global health governance (GHG) before discussing ...
  • McInnes, Colin (2011)
    For more than a decade now, the focus of global health has been on exceptional events, whether HIV, SARS or pandemic influenza. An accepted orthodoxy has emerged that something new has occurred: that new infectious ...
  • McInnes, Colin (Prifysgol Aberystwyth, 1996-04)
  • McInnes, Colin (Prifysgol Aberystwyth, 2001-12)
  • Health 
    McInnes, Colin (Taylor & Francis, 2008)
    In this chapter, students will learn why health has not traditionally been seen as a security issue and why this began to change. They will look at the main health issues on the security agenda: the spread of infectious ...
  • McInnes, Colin (Prifysgol Aberystwyth, 2005-10)
  • McInnes, Colin; Rushton, Simon Berkeley (Prifysgol Aberystwyth, 2004-08)
  • McInnes, Colin (Prifysgol Aberystwyth, 2006-07)
  • McInnes, Colin; Lee, Kelley (2006-02-27)
    Over the past decade, health has become an increasingly important international issue and one which has engaged the attention of the foreign and security policy community. This article examines the emerging relationship ...
  • McInnes, Colin (2011-04)
    The causes and consequences of HIV and AIDS are social are well as biomedical. Given the scale of the pandemic, understanding the social dimensions of HIV and AIDS is vital. One key argument is that there is a link between ...
  • McInnes, Colin; Rushton, Simon Berkeley (2010)
    In this paper we offer a preliminary examination of the securitisation of HIV/AIDS. In the first half of the last decade there was a widespread assumption that HIV/AIDS had been successfully securitised. We argue that in ...
  • McInnes, Colin (Prifysgol Aberystwyth, 2009-04)
  • McInnes, Colin; Rushton, Simon (2010-01)
    HIV/AIDS is one of the greatest single causes of death and suffering on the planet. Over the last decade the societal impact of HIV/AIDS has been widely discussed in terms of national and international security. This article ...
  • McInnes, Colin (Ashgate Publishing Group, 2007)
    The political impact of HIV/AIDS varies greatly and is difficult to map. States depend on how governments choose to manage the political implications of HIV and AIDS, both those stemming from the erosions of its own capacity ...
  • McInnes, Colin; Abrahamsen, Rita; Germain, Randall (Prifysgol Aberystwyth, 2001-04)
  • McInnes, Colin (2009-12)

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