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  • Van der Biest, Alexander (University of Wales AberystwythInternational Politics, 2006)
    African women's multiple forms of participation in contemporary (intrastate) warfare and the survival strategies they employ remain ill-researched. This dissertation studies this topic using the 1976-1992 conflict between ...
  • Nokov, Stanislav Nikolov (Aberystwyth UniversityInternational Politics, 2013)
    Abstract From the Pearl Harbor intelligence debacle of 1941 to the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction intelligence fiasco of 2002, intelligence failures have been a widely documented and reoccurring phenomenon. Indeed, ...
  • Hughes, Gerry; Robb, Thomas (2012-04-05)
    This article examines the evolution of scholarly debates about the lives and careers of two recent US Presidents (Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford) and their National Security Advisor and Secretary of State (Henry A. ...

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