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  • Pashakhanlou, Arash Heydarian (Aberystwyth UniversityInternational Politics, 2011)
    The anarchy assumption is based on the premise that there is no overarching central authority to govern states interaction and has long been a core assumption of the discipline of international relations. This dissertation ...
  • Foley, M. (2009-09)
    Despite being a period of reputed liberal ascendancy and settlement in the United States, the 1950s also marked a time of considerable uncertainty, not least in the matter of America’s own identity in relation to the rest ...
  • Suganami, Hidemi (2009-09)
    This article expounds and assesses the key contentions of Man, the State, and War. It notes that the book contains meta-theoretical and theoretical components. Through a close re-examination of the text, the article shows ...

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