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  • Bukovansky, Mlada; Clark, Ian; Eckersley, Robyn; Price, Richard; Reus-Smit, Christian; Wheeler, Nicholas J. (Cambridge University Press, 2012-05-17)
    The book examines for the first time the nature of international special responsibilities, the complex politics that surround them, and how they condition social power. The argument is illustrated with reference to nuclear ...
  • Toros, Harmonie (Aberystwyth University, 2009)
    This thesis investigates whether talking can contribute to the transformation of conflicts characterized by terrorist violence. It begins by questioning the understanding of terrorism put forward by traditional terrorism ...
  • Wheeler, Nicholas J. (2007-12)
    The current uncertainties about Iran’s motives and intentions reflect the interplay of the psychological and material dimensions of the security dilemma in international politics. In this article NicholasWheeler shows ...

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