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Recent Submissions

  • Doherty, Anne Marie; Alexander, Nicholas (2006)
    As international retailers continue to employ franchising as a major method of market entry, the control of these international retail franchise networks becomes of significant importance. The aim of this paper is to examine ...
  • Quinn, Barry; Doherty, Anne Marie; Alexander, Nicholas; Hutchison, Karise (2007-09)
    Drawing on case study evidence, this article explores the reasons small specialist retailers internationalize and the facilitating factors that help them overcome the obstacles to internationalization. The authors employ ...
  • Quinn, Barry; Alexander, Nicholas; Cairns, Patricia (2005)
    Purpose – The research presented here initiates the process of the detailed analysis of international retail divestment activity through the identification of the volume of global divestment activity and the characteristics ...
  • Oxtoby, Barrie; McGuinness, Tony; Morgan, Robert (2002-04-07)
    This paper reports the outcome of research into eleven organisations in the UK automotive supply sector, all of which have an acknowledged reputation for their ability to sustain successful change. It describes a ‘Listen ...
  • Henry, Scott; Gallagher, Damian; Gilmore, Audrey (2007)
    Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to report on a study that re-examines the impact of the internet on small to medium-sized enterprise marketing activities, following a similar study four years earlier (2000) in order ...

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