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  • Stoker, David (St Paul's Bibliographies, 1999)
    An analysis of the English provincial book trades using directory entries
  • Phillips, Christopher (Freie Universität Berlin, 2017)
  • Holbrook, Neil J.; Scannell, Hillary A.; Gupta, Alexander Sen; Benthuysen, Jessica A.; Feng, Ming; Oliver, Eric C. J.; Alexander, Lisa V.; Burrows, Michael T.; Donat, Markus G.; Hobday, Alistair J.; Moore, Pippa; Perkins-Kirkpatrick, Sarah E.; Smale, Dan A.; Straub, Sandra C.; Wernberg, Thomas (2019-06-14)
    Marine heatwaves (MHWs) can cause devastating impacts to marine life. Despite the serious consequences of MHWs, our understanding of their drivers is largely based on isolated case studies rather than any systematic unifying ...
  • Siu Ting, Karen; Torres-Sánchez, María; San Mauro, Diego; Wilcockson, David; Wilkinson, Mark; Pisani, Davide; O'Connell, Mary J.; Creevey, Christopher (2019-06-01)
    Increasingly, large phylogenomic datasets include transcriptomic data from non-model organisms. This has allowed controversial and unexplored evolutionary relationships in the tree of life to be addressed but also increases ...
  • Racoviteanu, Adina; Rittger, Karl; Armstrong, Richard (2019-09-20)
    The separation of fresh snow, exposed glacier ice and debris-covered ice on glacier surfaces is needed for hydrologic applications and for understanding glacier response to climate variability. The end-of-season snowline ...

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