Recommendation service

In order to provide a recommendation service (lists of items frequently viewed together) for this repository, usage data is collected and processed. Data is collected using software that tracks each web site visitor via their IP address and this is stored in an encrypted form to protect the users' privacy. The usage data may also be used for reporting purposes, i.e. most highly viewed article, most downloaded pdf file, etc. We do not gather any other personal information.

[Optional - if repository uses Google Analytics]

Tracking Cookies

This repository website also collects data using tracking Cookies*. The use of cookies to track web site usage is a widely used and well established technique. Each tracking cookie provides information to show how a visitor moves from page to page, but no personal data is stored by the tracking system. The tracking system used on this repository web site is called Google Analytics.

As the service provider, Google also has access to the data (for more information visit the Google Privacy Policy web page).

Rejecting Cookies

You can set up your web browser to reject all cookies and if you decide to do this you will still be able to use the repository web site. The documentation for your web browser will provide you with instructions on how to disable cookies.

* A cookie is a small piece of information in the form of a text file, sent by a web server and stored on the computer of a visitor to a web site. It can then be read back later by the web server when required.