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  • Reimers, Natalie; Homann, Arne; Höschler, Beate; Langhans, Kristina; Wilson, R. Alan; Pierrot, Christine; Khalife, Jamal; Grevelding, Christoph G.; Chalmers, Iain W; Yazdanbakhsh, Maria; Hoffmann, Karl F; Hokke, Cornelis H; Haas, Helmut; Schramm, Gabriele (2015-03-16)
    BACKGROUND: Schistosomiasis is a serious health problem especially in developing countries and affects more than 243 million people. Only few anthelmintic drugs are available up to now. A major obstacle for drug treatment ...
  • Doenhoff, Michael J.; Schramm, Gabriele; Wuhrer, Manfred; Dunne, David W.; Haas, Helmut; Grevelding, Christoph G.; Fitzsimmons, Colin M.; Jones, Frances M.; Hokke, Cornelis H.; Hoffmann, Karl F.; Chalmers, Iain W. (2010-10-11)
    During chronic Schistosoma mansoni (S. mansoni) infection parasite eggs lodge in the microvasculature of the host¿s liver provoking inflammation that leads to formation of granuloma and fibrosis around trapped eggs. Murine ...
  • Fitzsimmons, Colin M; Schramm, Gabriele; Jones, Frances M; Chalmers, Iain W; Hoffmann, Karl F; Grevelding, Christoph G; Wuhrer, Manfred; Hokke, Cornelis H; Haas, Helmut; Doenhoff, Michael J; Dunne, David W (2005-11)