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  • McMahon, A.; McMahon, R. (2003-04-01)
    Over the past two decades, many of the major controversies in historical linguistics have centred on language classification. Some of these controversies have been concentrated within linguistics, as in the methodological ...
  • McMahon, April Mary; McMahon, Robert (Wiley, 2012-11-05)
    This article provides a definition and history of Lexicostatistics and glottochronology in Linguistic research. These are connected methods which use vocabulary to make historical inferences about relationships between languages.
  • McMahon, A.; Heggarty, P.; McMahon, R.; Maguire, W. (2007-01-01)
    Linguists are able to describe, transcribe, and classify the differences and similarities between accents formally and precisely, but there has until very recently been no reliable and objective way of measuring degrees ...
  • McMahon, A.; Heggarty, P.; McMahon, R.; Slaska, N. (2005-08-01)
    Although borrowing and contact are recognised as important factors in language histories, there is no clear and agreed way of dealing with their effects on methods like traditional lexicostatistics. We argue that one ...

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