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  • Wilding, M. C.; Benmore, C. J.; Weber, J. K. R. (2010-05-06)
    Containerless high energy X-ray diffraction measurements have been performed on molten Al2O3-SiO2 as a function of composition. The data show a strong distortion of the SiO4 tetrahedral units and a breakdown of intermediate ...
  • Wilding, Martin Charles; Guthrie, Malcolm; Kohara, Shinji; Bull, Craig L.; Akola, Jaakko; Tucker, Matt G. (2012-06-06)
    The magnesium silicate system is an important geophysical analogue and neutron diffraction data from glasses formed in this system may also provide an initial framework for understanding the structure-dependent properties ...
  • Benmore, C. J.; Weber, J. K. R.; Wilding, M. C.; Du, J.; Parise, J. B. (2010-12-07)
    X-ray diffraction measurements performed on aerodynamically levitated CaSiO(3) droplets have been interpreted using a structurally heterogeneous liquid-state model. When cooled, the high-temperature liquid shows evidence ...

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