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<P>Aim:- The project aim is to develop a tool, ART, based on a generic ontology of experiments EXPO to assist in: <P>*Translating scientific papers into format with an explicit semantics <P>*Explicit linking of repository papers to data and metadata <P>*Creation of an example intelligent digital repository. <P>The proposal is to use the semantically rich and the theoretically sound generic EXPO representation of scientific experiments to provide metadata and to annotate papers stored in digital repositories. An ontology-based tool, ART, will be developed to automate the process of translating the papers into the proposed semantic format. <P>It is anticipated that the project will contribute to the programme by providing an enriched domain independent ontology, and through this ontology, metadata for scientific digital repositories. A practical tool will be developed for paper annotation. Further, an investigation will be undertaken, and a report written of the next logical step for the programme: the addition of innate intelligence to digital repositories. This will enable advanced searching over repositories, text mining, and knowledge discovery. <P>Benefits:- This project will provide a range of benefits to JISC, and the wider scientific and Higher Education community. The project will create a tool for papers annotation and representing them in semantic machine readable format. This will be beneficial to various digital repositories to enhance searching facilities, and add value to scientific digital repositories through better knowledge/ data representation, greater knowledge reuse and sharing, and facilitate advanced computer applications. <P>Use of an ontology based format for representing scientific texts will help to enable access to the stored knowledge and data. This will reduce duplication, redundancy and inconsistency in existing repositories, and so save research resources and make science more cost effective. Ontologies as detailed and precise description of domains are also a valuable resource for education and training. We envisage ontology based formats being an essential component of e-Science by providing unified standards.

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  • Liakata, Maria; Soldatova, Larisa (2009-04-29)
    The ART corpus consist of 225 papers manually annotated the CISP labels (i.e. "Goal", "Method", "Result"). The ART Corpus is >1 million words, 35,040 sentences. These papers cover topics in physical chemistry and biochemistry ...
  • Soldatova, Larisa (Aberystwyth University, 2007)
    Ontologies have been proven as a solid theoretical foundation for the development of information systems. They provide consistency and comprehensibility of underlying logic and building blocks. We will use EXPO as a core ...

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