Centre for Glaciology


The Centre for Glaciology in the University of Wales, Aberystwyth is a leading centre for the study of snow and ice.

The Centre is a formal research unit within the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, and currently comprises five academic staff and three NERC research fellows.

The Centre has provided training for 15 PhD students since 1996. The Centre also has three Honorary Professors, two Honorary Departmental Research Fellows and one Honorary Lecturer appointed for their prominence in their respective fields and through external collaboration.

The Centre has a well-established international reputation particularly in the fields of glaciology, atmosphere-cryosphere interactions and glacial geomorphology. Field research areas include Antarctica, Britain, Chilean Patagonia, Mainland Norway, Arctic Norway (Svalbard), The Swiss & French Alps, Nepalese Himalaya, New Zealand, Peruvian Andes and the U.S.A.

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Professor Mike Hambrey
Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences
The University of Wales Aberystwyth
Llandinam Building
SY23 3DB
Wales, UK
Telephone: 01970 621860 or 01970 622606
e-mail: mjh@aber.ac.uk

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