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  • Miskell, Peter (Aberystwyth University, 2000)
    This thesis is a social history of the cinema in Wales. It examines the position of the cinema, as an institution, in Welsh society in the period when film-going was at its peak. It argues that from the 1920s to the 1950s ...
  • Downing, Richard (2001)
  • Roms, Heike (Aberystwyth UniversityTheatre, Film and Television Studies, 2001)
    Identifying (with) performance: Representations and Constructions of Cultural Identity in Contemporary Theatre Practice - Three Case Studies discusses ways in which contemporary live performance affirms, challenges or ...
  • Downing, Richard (U-Man Zoo (Performance Research Company), 2001)
    'Water Banquet' is the generic title of a series of performance and installation works stemming from the placement and animation of an extraordinary table of water, thirty feet long and six feet wide. Each manifestation ...
  • Brookes, Michael; Pearson, Michael John (2001)
    'Carrying Lyn' was commissioned by Chapter, Cardiff and performed in the arts centre and on the city streets. The work was realised within the context of Mike Brookes and Mike Pearson's long term collaboration, under the ...
  • Club Luz 
    Ladd, Eddie (2002)
  • Rain Dogs 
    Brookes, Michael; Pearson, Michael John; Thomas, Ed (2002)
    'Rain dogs' was presented at Chapter, Cardiff, supported by a production grant of £15,000 from the Arts Council of Wales. The work being realised in collaboration with Mike Pearson and Welsh playwright Ed Thomas, and ...
  • Greenhalgh, Jill; Brookes, Michael (2002)
  • Zoo, U-Man; Downing, Richard (2003)
    Aqua Impura is delivered to an audience of only eighteen gathered at the table. Borrowing the structure of social dining, these eighteen guests are served a series of offerings (grouped as 'Beginnings', 'Middles' and 'Ends') ...
  • Banham, Simon (2003)
    EatEat: a performative meal created with Leicester based refugees and asylum seekers. Audience and performers sat together around a 10m long concrete table in Leicester's oldest building, the Guildhall. Sharing a meal or ...
  • Gough, Richard (2003)
  • Greenhalgh, Jill; Brookes, Michael; Casado, Rosa (Teatro Nomad, 2004)
    This is the first piece by Nomad Teatro. It asks questions about the phenomenon of migration. The project starts from the social, economic and cultural conflict that affects our daily lives - the movement of people from ...
  • Butterfly 
    Simon James (Quarantine, 2004)
  • Banham, Simon (Quarantine Theatre Company, 2004)
    White Trash is a dirty ballet of reality. It was created with and performed by seven young white working-class men from Manchester. They played pool and the audience watched. Out of the banality of their game and their ...
  • Brookes, Michael; Pearson, Michael John (2004)
    'There’s someone in the house…' was commissioned by the 'site/sight:source/resource' symposium, University of Exeter, and presented at Exeter Phoenix, supported by a production grant of £1,250. The work being realised ...
  • Stafell B 
    Eddie (Wales Arts International, 2004)
  • Barker, Martin (Film-Philosophy, 2006)
    This essay explores a series of issues which have emerged around the term ‘visualisation’ as a result of materials generated out of the international Lord of the Rings audience project. ‘Visualisation’ is quite widely used ...
  • Brookes, Michael; Casado, Rosa (2006)
    'Paradise 2' is a thirty minutes performance event, reflecting on contrasting themes of tourism and economic migration. The work initiated Brookes' long term artistic collaboration with Spanish artist and performer Rosa ...
  • Stafell C 
    Ladd, Eddie (2006)

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