Chwilio User Group meeting 3rd July 2007 by Dyddiad Cyhoeddi

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  • Kimpton, Michele (2007-07-11)
    A presentation exploring the history of DSpace, and the evolution and development of the new DSpace Foundation. Presented by Michele Kimpton, Executive Director of the DSpace Foundation.
  • Rutherford, James (2007-07-11)
    A presentation by James Rutherford of HP Labs exploring the issues of identification and storage abstraction in DSpace.
  • Triggs, Graham (2007-07-11)
    A presentation by Graham Triggs of BioMed Central's 'Open Repository' team about their work and contribution to DSpace.
  • Murtagh, John (2007-07-11)
    Brunel University's Repository Manager John Murtagh gives an update on their repository, how it is used to support the RAE, and a mandate they have issued.
  • Yates, Chris (2007-07-11)
    Chris Yate's, Technical Repository Officer for the RSP presents the RSP and the DSpace support element.

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