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The 2003-4 Lord of the Rings project was an ambitious attempt to mount a detailed investigation across the world of responses to the film adaptation of Tolkien’s fantasy trilogy. Funded by a grant from the Economic and Social Research Council (Grant No: RES-000-22-0323), and under the direction of Professor Martin Barker, the project brought together researchers in twenty countries to explore in particular the role of film fantasy in the lives of different countries and cultures, the ways in which the prefigurations of a film (marketing, publicity, merchandise, reviews, debates, etc) shape responses to it, and the role played by knowledge of and involvement with the books. The project had three stages: a three-month period of intense gathering of all kinds of materials preparing the ground for the film’s release; a six-month period in which a quali-quantitative web-based questionnaire, operating in fourteen languages, was advertised as widely as possible; and a further period of lengthy interviews with individual respondents, chosen to exemplify patterns emergent from first analysis of the database. The major findings of the project were published in 2007 in Martin Barker and Ernest Mathijs (eds), Watching The Lord of the Rings: Tolkien’s World Audiences, New York, Peter Lang. A number of other publications continue to arise from the project. Some of these are made available here.

The database of the results of this, amounting to 24,937 responses, are here made freely available to other researchers. We ask only that other researchers using materials or results from the database (for research or teaching) acknowledge their origins in this project. Professor Barker will be pleased to hear from any researchers who make use of the database.

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